Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm still here

It's been a loooong time since I wrote anything. Lots has happened. In June we got a new puppy. We got him from a friend's cousin. They couldn't keep him because they were never home to give him the attention he needs. So we gave him a new permanent home with us. It took the other 3 animals (2 cats & a older dog) a little bit to get used to this little energetic guy. His name is Tucker, we decided to keep the name that his previous owners gave him so as to not confuse him. He is a pug/beagle/boston terrier and a power house! Can this dog run!!
Isn't he a cutie?! Tucker turned a year old on August 4th. He has breathed new life into our 13 year old Sheppard/Lab Chi-Chi, (pronounced she-she...named by my girls when they were small)

I have also completed my Medical Transcriptionist Certificate and am looking for work now. I just got my certificate in the mail the other day and am proud to say, I graduated with a 91% average overall!!

We are expecting about 30 cm of snow starting tomorrow (Friday) here in St. Catharines and I'm not looking forward to it!

Till next time!

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