Saturday, July 05, 2008

A quick note

I am so happy!!! Yesterday, I was feeling very down about things, then I got a phone call that changed all that. I got a part time job working for Party Packagers. The store is not yet open and for the month of July I will be working almost full time while the store gets set up! I can't wait to be busy working! It will certainly help our financial situation!

My oldest daughter, Kirsten graduated from high school at the end of June and I am so proud of her! Here she is getting her diploma...

and here's a great picture of her & her boyfriend, Dj...all ready to go to the prom.
I just love this picture of Zoey & Kirsten after graduation. It's nice to see Kirsten in something other than black!

Here are pictures of the jewellery I made her for both special occasions!This is her prom jewellery.

This is her graduation jewellery.

Time to get back to beading, I need to get a few things done before Monday...hope everyone had a great July holiday weekend. Till next time...

...Pam :o)